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Oxford Journal of Archaeology Nº 42/2

Oxford Journal of Archaeology

Nº 42/2


Cut above the rest: A multi-disciplinary study of two slate
 knives from forager contexts in coastal Norway p. 90
Carol Lentfer,  Marianne Skandfer,  Sam Presslee,  Richard Hagan,  Harry K. Robson,  Charlotte Damm

In search of lost signs: A new approach to the issue of writing 
and non-writing on Cretan Hieroglyphic seals p. 107
Silvia Ferrara,  Barbara Montecchi,  Miguel Valério

Tregiffian: The chronology of an entrance grave  p.131
Andy M. Jones,  Derek Hamilton,  Henrietta Quinnell

A dog’s life in the Iron Age of the southern Levant: 
Connecting the textual and archaeological evidence  p. 152
Lidar Sapir-Hen,  Deirdre N. Fulton

Developments in equid harnessing and draught in the Roman 
Empire and Han China: Independent or interconnected?  p.166
Gail Brownrigg,  Joost Crouwel,  Katheryn Linduff

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