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Norwegian Archaeological Review Nº 55/2

Norwegian Archaeological 
Review Nº55/2 - 2022


Iron in the Nordic Bronze Age and Early Pre-Roman Iron Age 
 Visibility, Colour Contrasts and Celestial Associations  pp. 107-139
Anna Sörman & Karin Ojala

Worlding Waters with the Dead  pp. 140-158
Christina Fredengren

Always Ritual, Symbolic and Religious? An Essay on the Alta 
Rock Art and the Archaeological Quest for Meaning  pp. 159-185
Karin Tansem

Book Review

The Archaeology of Movement by Oscar Aldred. Routledge, 
London and New York, 2021. pp. 186-187
Marianne Hem Eriksen

The Archaeology of Burning Man. The Rise and Fall of Black Rock City .Carolyn L. White: University of New Mexico Press, Alberquerque, 2020. pp. 188-191
Jeff Oliver

Heritage Futures: Comparative Approaches to Natural and Cultural Heritage Practices. Rodney Harrison, Caitlin DeSilvey, Cornelius Holtorf, Sharon Macdonald, Nadia Bartolini, Esther Breithoff, Harald Fredheim, et al.: UCL Press, London, 2020.  pp. 192-194
Elisabeth Niklasson

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