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Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie Nº 69/ 1

Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie 

Nº 69/ 1 - 2023



Prof. John Rhŷs and his visits to the Isle of Man (1886–1893): Diary   
pp. 1-158
George Broderick

Epigraphic and linguistic observations on the inscription at the 
so-called Mur d’Hannibal (Liddes, Valais)   p. 159-182
Joseph F. Eska, Charlene M. Eska
Warriors’ blazing heads and eyes, Cú Chulainn and other fiery cyclopes, ‘bright’ Balar, and the etymology of Old Irish cáech ‘one-eyed’   
pp. 183-200
Kim McCone

Cú Chulainn’s first arming and outing (cét-gabál gaiscid): Roman and Greek parallels for his slaying of three brothers (Horatius, the Curiatii and Heracles), “woman trouble” (Horatius and Coriolanus), and immersions (Diomedes and Odysseus)   pp. 201-226
Kim McCone

How much syntactic complexity could sixteenth-century Welsh cope with? The case of Maurice Kyffin’s Deffynniad Ffydd Eglwys Loegr (1595)    pp. 227-260
Erich Poppe

Welsh Yr Eifl: a trace of the Brittonic u-stem dual?    pp. 261-270
Patrick Sims-Williams

Besprechungen und Anzeigen

Fomin, M.: Ludwig Mühlhausen, Séamus Ó Caiside and Scéal Rí na Gréige: The tale of “Three golden children” (ATU 707) in 1937 Donegal  pp. 271-275
Lillis Ó Laoire

Lühr, R. (Hg.): Deutsche Wortfeldetymologie in europäischem Kontext. Bd. 5: B. Irslinger & S. Zeilfelder: Wirtschaft  pp. 276-281
Stefan Zimmer

Maier, B.: Grammatikübungsbuch Walisisch  pp. 282-288
Elena Parina

Murray, K.: The early Fenian corpus  pp. 289-291
Erich Poppe

Petrovskaia, N. (ed.): Delw y Byd. A medieval Welsh enciclopedia 
 pp. 292-295
Ben Guy

Sims-Williams, P.: The Book of Llandaf as a historical source 
pp. 296-300
Caroline Brett

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