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Cambridge Archaeological Journal Nº 33/ 1

 Cambridge Archaeological Journal Nº 33/ 1 - 2023


Viewing the World through Cosmovision at Late Preclassic Noh K'uh 
in Chiapas, Mexico   pp. 1-17
Santiago Juarez

Can We Decolonize the Ancient Past? Bridging Postcolonial and Decolonial Theory in Sudanese and Nubian Archaeology    
pp. 19-37
Rennan Lemos

Photographic Insights from Engaged Archaeology: Yucatan and Beyond    pp. 39-53
Sarah Kurnick

Not All That Glitters is Gold? Rock Crystal in the Early British Neolithic 
at Dorstone Hill, Herefordshire, and the Wider British and Irish Context   pp. 55-74
Nick J. Overton, Elizabeth Healey, Irene Garcia Rovira, 
Julian Thomas, Julie Birchenall, Dana Challinor, 
Tim Hoverd, Keith Ray

Complexity, Instability and Contradiction: The Impact of Human–Thing Entanglement on the Social Decline of the Hamin Mangha Neolithic 
Site in China   pp. 75-97
Yan Liu

Cultures of Creativity: Hieroglyphic Innovation in the Classic 
Maya Lowlands   pp. 99-118
Mallory E. Matsumoto

The Political Economy of Livestock in Early States   pp. 119-136
Noa Corcoran-Tadd, Max Price, Ari Caramanica

Large Predator Hunting and Its Interpretation: Leopards, Bears 
and Lions in the Archaeological Record of the Southern Levant   
pp. 137-156
Ron Shimelmitz, Hagar Reshef, Assaf Nativ, Nimrod Marom

The Cognitive Processus Behind Neolithic Schematic Rock Art. Archaeological Implications and Research Hypothesis    
pp. 157-179
Claudia Defrasne

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