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Journal of Archaoelogical Science Nº 149 - 2023

Journal of Archaeological Science 

Nº 149 - 2023 



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Virtual technical analysis of archaeological textiles 
by synchrotron microtomography
Clémence Iacconi, Awen Autret, Elsa Desplanques, Agathe Chave,
 Loïc Bertrand

Your horse is a donkey! Identifying domesticated equids from 
Western Iberia using collagen fingerprinting
Roshan Paladugu, Kristine Korzow Richter, Maria João Valente,
 Sónia Gabriel, Cristina Barrocas Dias

A large-scale Sr and Nd isotope baseline for archaeological 
provenance in Silk Road regions and its application to plant-ash glass
Qin-Qin Lü, Yi-Xiang Chen, Julian Henderson, Germain Bayon

Portable laser ablation sheds light on Early Bronze Age gold treasures in the old world: New insights from Troy, Poliochni, and related finds
Moritz Numrich, Christoph Schwall, Nicole Lockhoff, 
Kostas Nikolentzos, Ernst Pernicka

Ancient DNA sequence quality is independent of fish bone weight
Lane M. Atmore, Giada Ferrari, Lourdes Martínez-García, Inge van der Jagt, Bastiaan Star

The first discovery of Shang period smelting slags with highly radiogenic lead in Yingcheng and implications for the Shang political economy
Qingzhu Wang, Siran Liu, Jianli Chen, Yanxiang Li,Hui Fang

The earliest silver currency hoards in the Southern Levant: Metal trade in the transition from the Middle to the Late Bronze Age
Tzilla Eshel, Ayelet Gilboa, Ofir Tirosh, Yigal Erel, 
Naama Yahalom-Mack

Method for generating foodplant fitness landscapes: With a foodplant checklist for southern Africa and its application to Klasies 
River Main Site
Marlize Lombard, Andri van Aardt

Geographic and seasonal variation in δ13C values of C3 
plant arabidopsis: Archaeological implications
Catherine G. Cooper, Martha D. Cooper, Michael P. Richards,
 Johanna Schmitt

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