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Oxford Journal of Archaeology 32/1

Oxford Journal of Archaeology
Vol. 32/1 2013

Original Articles

On the Constitution and Transformation of Philistine Identity  pp. 1–38
Aren M. Maeir, Louise A. Hitchcock & Liora Kolska Horwitz

The Afterlife of Monuments in the English Peak District: The Evidence of Early Bronze Age Burials    pp. 39–51
Alice J. Rogers

Colonial Representations and Carthaginian Archaeology     pp. 53–72
Iván Fumadó Ortega

The Ins and Outs of Death in the Iron Age: Complex Funerary Treatments at Broxmouth Hillfort, East Lothian    pp. 73–100
Ian Armit, Naomi Neale, Fiona Shapland, Hannah Bosworth, Derek Hamilton & Jo Mckenzie

Rituals and Socio-Cultural Identity in the North-Western Roman Provinces  pp. 101–117
Alexandra Livarda


A Note Concerning Flake Axes and Umiaks   pp. 119–122
Lou Schmitt

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