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Journal of Social Archaeology 13/1

Journal of Social Archaeology Vol. 13/1, 2013


Through the skin: Exploring pastoralist marks and their meanings to understand parts of East African rock art  pp. 13: 3-30
Thembi Russell

Concrete matters: Ruins of modernity and the things called heritage  pp. 31-53
Þóra Pétursdóttir

Hesitant geographies of power: The materiality of colonial rule in the Siin (Senegal), 1850–1960   pp. 54-79
François G. Richard

The rediscovery of HMS Investigator: Archaeology, sovereignty and the colonial legacy in Canada’s Arctic    pp.80-100
Lisa M. Hodgetts

Exploring hidden narratives: Conscript graffiti at the former military base of Kummersdorf   pp. 101-121
Samuel Merrill and Hans Hack

Non-bodies of knowledge: Anatomized remains from the Holden Chapel collection, Harvard University   pp. 122-149
Christina J. Hodge

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