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Ethnoarchaeology 4/1

Journal of Archaeological, Ethnographic and
 Experimental Studies
Vol. 4 / 1, 2012

Editorial  pp. 1-4


Opium for the Masses.An Experimental Archaeological Approach in Determining the Antiquity of the Opium Poppy
Zuzana Chovanec, Sean M. Rafferty and Stuart Swiny   pp. 5-36

The Egyptian Drill. A Unique Dual-Mode Device
Stephen C. Saraydar   pp. 37-52


Classics Review
Kathryn Arthur and Liam Frink  pp. 53-54

Lewis R. Binford's Impact on Zooarchaeology
A Consideration of Three Volumes (and assorted other things) that Altered the Way We Think about the Bones of Human Prey
R. Lee Lyman   pp. 55-78

Binford and Ethnoarchaeology, a View from the South
Reflections on His Contributions to Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology and Lithic Analysis
Nora Viviana Franco  pp. 79-100

Book Reviews

Disaster Archaeology by Richard A. Gould
Amanda N. Laoupi  pp. 101-110

Living with the Dead: Mortuary Ritual in Mesoamerica, by James L. Fitzsimmons and Izumi Shimada, editors
Anna J. Osterholtz  pp. 105-107

EthnoZooArchaeology: The Past and Present of Human-Animal Relationships, by Umberto Albarella and Angela Trentacoste, editors
Lee G. Broderick   pp. 108-110

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