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Journal Archaeological Method & Theory 19/ 1

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
19/ 1 2012

Materialism, Mode of Production, and a Millennium of Change 
in Southern Mexico  pp.1-48
Robert M. Rosenswig

Integrating Archaeological Theory and Predictive Modeling:
 a Live Report from the Scene pp. 49-100
Philip Verhagen, Thomas G. Whitley

A Twenty-First Century Archaeology of Stone Artifacts pp.101-131
Simon Holdaway, Matthew Douglass

Near-Infrared Aerial Crop Mark Archaeology: From its Historical 
Use to Current Digital Implementations   pp. 132-160
Geert Julien Verhoeven

‘Rock-art’, ‘Animism’ and Two-way Thinking: Towards a Complementary Epistemology in the Understanding of Material Culture and ‘Rock-art’ of Hunting and Gathering People  
Martin Porr, Hannah Rachel Bell


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