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Documenta Praehistorica 39, 2012

Documenta Praehistorica  XXXIX, 2012


Giedre Motuzaite-Matuzeviciute
The earliest appearance of domesticated plant species and their origins on the western fringes of the Eurasian Steppe  pp. 1-21

Henny Piezonka
Stone Age hunter-gatherer ceramics of North-Eastern Europe: new insights into the dispersal of an essential innovation  pp. 22-51

Yuri B. Tsetlin
Gentes groups in the structure of Neolithic cultures of the Central Russian Plain  pp. 53-66

Alexander A. Bobrinsky, Irina N. Vasilyeva
Plastic raw materials in Neolithic pottery production  pp. 67-74

Natalia Yu. Petrova
A technological study of Hassuna culture ceramics (Yarim Tepe I settlement)  pp. 75-82

Kevin Gibbs
Not meant to last: mobility and disposable pottery  pp. 83-94

Ivan Pavlů
Models and scenarios of the Neolithic in Central Europe  pp. 95-102

Hojjat Darabi
Towards reassessing the Neolithisation process in Western Iran  
pp. 103-110

Tracey L.-D. Lu
Periphery or land of cultural dynamics: rethinking prehistoric South China  pp. 111-136

Mihael Budja
Interpretative trajectories toward understanding personhoods in prehistory  pp. 137-154

Adam N. Crnobrnja
Group identities in the Central Balkan Late Neolithic pp. 155-166

Marko Porčić
Social complexity and inequality in the Late Neolithic of the Central Balkans: reviewing the evidence pp. 167-184

Katerina Psimogiannou
Creating identities in the mortuary arena of the Greek Final Neolithic: a contextual definition of practices in Central and Southern Greece  pp. 185-202

Roderick B. Salisbury
Place and identity: networks of Neolithic communities in Central Europe  pp. 203-214

Selena Vitezović
The white beauty – Starčevo culture jewellery  pp. 215-226

Roberto Micheli
Personal ornaments, Neolithic groups and social identities: some insights into Northern Italy  pp. 227-256

Mark J. Hudson
Austronesian’ and ‘Jōmon’ identities in the Neolithic of the Ryukyu Islands  pp. 257-262

Takamune Kawashima
Emerging craft production and local identity: a case of the Late Jomon Period  pp. 263-268

Simona Petru
Man, animal or both? Problems in the interpretation of early symbolic behaviour  pp. 269-276

Andrzej Rozwadowski
Did shamans always play the drum? Tracking down prehistoric shamanism in Central Asia pp. 277-286

Dragoş Gheorghiu
Skeuomorphs’: on the rhetoric of material in the Gumelniţa tradition  pp. 287-294

Miloš Spasić
Cattle to settle – bull to rule: on bovine iconography among Late Neolithic Vin;a culture communities pp. 295-308

Serge Cassen, Emmanuelle Vigier, Olivier Weller, Cyrille Chaigneau, Gwenaëlle Hamon, Pierre-Arnaud de Labriffe and Chloé Martin
Neolithic flat-based pots from the Carnac Mounds in the light of Cycladic ‘frying pans’  pp. 309-324

Dimitrij Mlekuž, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič, Milena Horvat and Mihael Budja
Houses, pots and food: the pottery from Maharski prekop in context  pp. 325-338

Nives Ogrinc, Marinka Gams Petrišič, Dušan Žigon, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič and Mihael Budja
Pots and lipids: molecular and isotope evidence of the food processing at Maharski prekop  pp. 339-348

Marko Sraka
14C calendar chronologies and cultural sequences in 5th millennium BC in Slovenia and neighbouring regions  pp. 349-376

Anett Osztás, István Zalai-Gaál and Eszter Bánffy
Alsónyék-Bátaszék: a new chapter in the research of Lengyel culture  pp. 377-396

Monica Măgărit, Dragomir Nicolae Popovici
Another facet of man – Red deer relationship in prehistory: Antler exploitation at the Eneolithic settlement at Hârșova-tell (Constanţa County, Romania)  pp. 397-416

Cristian E. Ştefan
A hoard of flint items from Verbicioara, Romania  pp. 417-424

Vasilka Dimitrovska
The system of local supply of stone tools in Amzabegovo-Vršnik culture from Neolithic Macedonia  pp. 425-432

Nina Kyparissi-Apostolika
Indications of the presence of Middle Neolithic pottery kilns at Magoula Imvrou Pigadi, SW Thessaly, Greece  pp. 433-453

Hojjat Darabi, Ardeshir Javanmardzadeh, Amir Beshkani and Mana Jami-Alahmadi
Palaeolithic occupation of the Mehran Plain in Southwestern Iran  pp. 443-452

Kamal-Aldin Niknami and Meisam Nikzad
New evidence of the Neolithic period in West Central Zagros: the Sarfirouzabad- Mahidasht Region, Iran  pp. 453-458

Sajjad Alibaigi, Shokouh Khosravi and Abolfazl Aali
Early villages and prehistoric sites in the Abharroud Basin, northwest of the Iranian Central Plateau pp. 459-472

Book reviews
pp. 473-472

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