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Bioarqueologia da Violência

Landscapes of Violence
Vol. 2/2, 2012

Special Poster Presentation Issue
Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Violence


From the Editor: Special Poster Presentation Issue
Ventura R. Perez

Taphonomic and Skeletal Indicators of Captivity and Violence in the Southwest (AD 1000-1300)
Debra L. Martin

The Taphonomy of a Sacrifice: Burial 6 of the Patio Hundido at el Teul
Ventura R. Perez and Peter Jiménez Betts

Contextualizing Death and Trauma at Canyon del Muerto
Pamela K. Stone

Taphonomy After the Fact: Violence and Ritual in Room 33 at Chaco and Room 178 at Aztec
Ryan P. Harrod, Debra L. Martin, and Shawn W. Carlyle

The Blessing and the Curse of Taphonomic Processes: 
A Bioarchaeological Analysis of a Shaft Tomb from La Florida, Mexico
Heidi Bauer-Clapp, Laura Solar Valverde, and Lisa Rios

Postmortem violence? Identifying and interpreting postmortem disturbance in Mongolia.
Judith H. Littleton and Bruno Frohlich

Violence against People, Bodies, or Bones: Lessons from La Plata, New Mexico
H. Wolcott Toll Ph.D. and Nancy J. Akins

Personal Taphonomy at Sacred Ridge: Burial 196
Anna Osterholtz and Ann L.W. Stodder

Evidence of Violent Conflict in Males from Pot Creek Pueblo
Catrina B. Whitley

Violence and Postmortem Signaling in Early Farming Communities of the Sonoran Desert: An Expanded Taphonomic Approach
James T. Watson, Misty Fields, and Marijke Stoll

Evidence of Child Sacrifice at La Cueva de los Muertos Chiquitos (660-1430 AD)
John J. Crandall, Debra L. Martin, and Jennifer L. Thompson

Taphonomy and Warfare in the Mesa Verde Region
Kristin A. Kuckelman and Debra L. Martin

Violence, taphonomy and cannibalism in Chaco Canyon: Discerning taphonomic changes from human action in the archaeological record
Kerriann Marden

Taphonomy and Cremation of Human Remains from San Francisco de Borja
Cheryl P. Anderson, Debra L. Martin, and Jennifer L. Thompson
Book Review

Warfare, Violence and Slavery in Prehistory
John J. Crandall

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