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Arqueologia do Direito - World Archaeology 45/5

The Archaeology of Legal Culture


Introduction: the archaeology of legal culture   pp. 687-698
Kevin P. Smith & Andrew Reynolds

Judicial culture and social complexity: a general model from Anglo-Saxon England  pp. 699-713
Andrew Reynolds

Beyond hierarchy: the archaeology of collective governance  
 pp. 714-729
Susan Oosthuizen

Thorir’s bargain: gender, vaðmál and the law  pp. 730-746
Michèle Hayeur Smith

Outside the gate: sub-urban legal practices in early medieval 
England   pp. 747-761
John Baker & Stuart Brookes

Places of justice and awe: the topography of gibbets and gallows in medieval and early modern north-western and Central Europe   
pp. 762-779
Joris Coolen

Vampires, criminals or slaves? Reinterpreting ‘deviant burials’ in early medieval Poland  pp. 780-796
Leszek Gardeła & Kamil Kajkowski

Legislation, ideology and personal agency in the Western Australian penal colony   pp. 797-815
Sean Winter

The archaeology of the mafia: a material investigation of extortion, justice and reprisal in Palermo, Sicily (1982–2012)  pp. 816-831
Gianna Ayala & Matthew Fitzjohn

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