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Journal Archaeological Method & Theory 19/ 4

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 
Nº 19/ 4  2012

In Search of the Middle Ground: Quantitative Spatial Techniques and Experiential Theory in Archaeology pp. 491–494
Dorothy Graves McEwan, Kirsty Millican

Landscape Phenomenology, GIS and the Role of Affordance   
pp. 601–611
Mark Gillings

Landscape, Experience and GIS: Exploring the Potential for Methodological Dialogue   pp. 510–525
Rebecca Rennell

Augmenting Phenomenology: Using Augmented Reality to Aid Archaeological Phenomenology in the Landscape  pp. 582–600
Stuart Eve

The Outside Inside: Combining Aerial Photographs, Cropmarks
 and Landscape Experience   pp. 548–563
Kirsty Millican

Qualitative Landscape Theories and Archaeological Predictive Modelling—A Journey Through No Man’s Land?    pp. 526–547
Dorothy Graves McEwan

Life on a Pixel: Challenges in the Development of Digital Methods Within an “Interpretive” Landscape Archaeology Framework   
pp. 495–509
Marcos Llobera

Experiencing Climate: Finding Weather in Eighteenth Century Cumbria
Toby Pillatt

Demographic Continuities and Discontinuities in Neolithic Europe: Evidence, Methods and Implications
Stephen Shennan

Microarchaeological Approaches to the Identification and Interpretation of Combustion Features in Prehistoric 
Archaeological Sites
Susan M. Mentzer

The Taphonomy of Resource Intensification: Zooarchaeological Implications of Resource Scarcity Among Bofi and Aka Forest Foragers
Karen D. Lupo, Jason M. Fancher

Data Quality in Zooarchaeological Faunal Identification
Steve Wolverton

Landscape Construction and Long-Term Economic Practices: an Example from the Spanish Mediterranean Uplands Through 
Rock Art Archaeology
María Cruz Berrocal, María Sebastián López

Tempi of Change: When Soloists don’t play Together. Arrhythmia 
in ‘Continuous’ Change
Catherine Perlès

After the Deep Freeze: Confronting “Magdalenian” Realities in Cantabrian Spain And Beyond
Lawrence Guy Straus

Accurate Measurements of Low Z Elements in Sediments and Archaeological Ceramics Using Portable X-ray Fluorescence (PXRF)
Jack Johnson

Foraging–Farming Transitions in Island Southeast Asia
Graeme Barker, Martin B.

A Study of African Wild Ass Behavior Provides Insights into Conservation Issues, Domestication Processes and 
Archaeological Interpretation
Fiona Marshall, Cheryl Asa

Spreading of Innovative Technical Traits and Cumulative Technical Evolution: Continuity or Discontinuity?
Valentine Roux

Forty Thousand Arms for a Single Emperor: From Chemical Data to the Labor Organization Behind the Bronze Arrows 
of the Terracotta Army
Marcos Martinón-Torres, Xiuzhen Janice Li

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