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Journal of Archaeological Sciences 39 / 7

Journal of Archaeological Science  
   Vol 39/ 7, 2012


Syed Ali Aqdus, William S. Hanson, Jane Drummond
The potential of hyperspectral and multi-spectral imagery to enhance archaeological cropmark detection: a comparative study 
pp 1915-1924

Jang-Sik Park
A preliminary study on the role and implication of plate-type iron artifacts in the ancient iron technology of Kore 
pp 1925-1932

Claudia I. Montalvo, Silvina Bisceglia, Marta S. Kin, Ramón A. Sosa
Taphonomic analysis of rodent bone accumulations produced by Geoffroy's cat (Leopardus geoffroyi, Carnivora, Felidae) in Central
pp 1933-1941

Marin Cârciumaru, Rodica-Mariana Ion, Elena-Cristina Niţu, Radu Ştefănescu
New evidence of adhesive as hafting material on Middle and Upper Palaeolithic artefacts from Gura Cheii-Râşnov Cave (Romania)
pp 1942-1950

Sean M. Rafferty, Igor Lednev, Kelly Virkler, Zuzana Chovanec
Current research on smoking pipe residues
pp 1951-1959

Nikos G. Papadopoulos, Apostolos Sarris, Maria Cristina Salvi, Sylviane Dederix, Pantelis Soupios, Unal Dikmen
Rediscovering the small theatre and amphitheatre of ancient Ierapytna (SE Crete) by integrated geophysical methods
pp 1960-1973

Eline Naomi van Asperen
Late Middle Pleistocene horse fossils from northwestern Europe as biostratigraphic indicators
pp 1974-1983

Alejandra L. Diaz, Tamsin C. O'Connell, Lisa A. Maher, Jay T. Stock
Subsistence and mobility strategies in the Epipalaeolithic: a stable isotope analysis of human and faunal remains at 'Uyun al-Hammam, northern Jordan
pp 1984-1992

Y. Kahanov, J.B. Tresman, Y. Me-Bar, D. Cvikel, A. Hillman
Akko 1 shipwreck: the effect of cannon fire on the wooden hull
pp 1993-

Harry Robson, Søren Andersen, Oliver Craig, Anders Fischer, Aikaterini Glykou, Sönke Hartz, Harald Lübke, Ulrich Schmölcke, Carl Heron
Carbon and nitrogen isotope signals in eel bone collagen from Mesolithic and Neolithic sites in northern Europe
pp 2003-2011

Eric J. Guiry, Stéphane Noël, Eric Tourigny, Vaughan Grimes
A stable isotope method for identifying transatlantic origin of pig (Sus scrofa) remains at French and English fishing stations in Newfoundland
pp 2012-2022

D. Frémondeau, T. Cucchi, F. Casabianca, J. Ughetto-Monfrin, M.-P. Horard-Herbin, M. Balasse
Seasonality of birth and diet of pigs from stable isotope analyses of tooth enamel (δ18O, δ13C): a modern reference data set from Corsica, France
pp 2023-2035

Chris Thornton
Renewing the link between cognitive archeology and cognitive science
pp 2036-2041

Peregrine A. Gerard-Little, Michael B. Rogers, Kurt A. Jordan
Understanding the built environment at the Seneca Iroquois White Springs Site using large-scale, multi-instrument archaeogeophysical surveys
pp 2042-2048

Kristine M. Bovy
Why so many wings? A re-examination of avian skeletal part representation in the south-central Northwest Coast, USA
pp 2049-2059

G. Verhoeven, M. Doneus, Ch. Briese, F. Vermeulen
Mapping by matching: a computer vision-based approach to fast and accurate georeferencing of archaeological aerial photographs
pp 2060-2070

Sarah Maltoni, Alberta Silvestri, Lara Maritan, Gianmario Molin
The Medieval lead-glazed pottery from Nogara (north-east Italy): a multi-methodological study
pp 2071-2078

William J. Pestle, Michael Colvard
Bone collagen preservation in the tropics: a case study from ancient Puerto Rico
pp 2079-2090

Kyungcheol Choy, Deogim An, Michael P. Richards
Stable isotopic analysis of human and faunal remains from the Incipient Chulmun (Neolithic) shell midden site of Ando Island, Korea
pp 2091-2097

Wetherbee Bryan Dorshow
Modeling agricultural potential in Chaco Canyon during the Bonito phase: a predictive geospatial approach
pp 2098-2115

M. Domínguez-Rodrigo, H.T. Bunn, T.R. Pickering, A.Z.P. Mabulla, C.M. Musiba, E. Baquedano, G.M. Ashley, F. Diez-Martin, M. Santonja, D. Uribelarrea, R. Barba, J. Yravedra, D. Barboni, C. Arriaza, A. Gidna
Autochthony and orientation patterns in Olduvai Bed I: a re-examination of the status of post-depositional biasing of archaeological assemblages from FLK North (FLKN)
pp 2116-2127

S. Liu, Q.H. Li, F. Gan, P. Zhang, J.W. Lankton, Silk Road glass in Xinjiang,
China: chemical compositional analysis and interpretation using a high-resolution portable XRF spectrometer
pp 2128-2142

Chloë N. Duckworth, Julian Henderson, Frank J.M. Rutten, Kalliopi Nikita
Opacifiers in Late Bronze Age glasses: the use of ToF-SIMS to identify raw ingredients and production techniques
pp 2143-2152

Fabio Donadini, Andreas Motschi, Christoph Rösch, Irka Hajdas
Combining an archaeomagnetic and radiocarbon study: dating of medieval fireplaces at the Mühlegasse, Zürich
pp 2153-2166

George Ferentinos, Maria Gkioni, Maria Geraga, George Papatheodorou
Early seafaring activity in the southern Ionian Islands, Mediterranean Sea
pp 2167-2176

Alberta Silvestri, Serena Tonietto, Gianmario Molin, Paolo Guerriero
The palaeo-Christian glass mosaic of St. Prosdocimus (Padova, Italy): archaeometric characterisation of tesserae with antimony- or phosphorus-based opacifiers
pp 2177-2190

S. Cagno, M. Brondi Badano, F. Mathis, D. Strivay, K. Janssens
Study of medieval glass fragments from Savona (Italy) and their relation with the glass produced in Altare
pp 2191-2197

A.N. Macharia, K.T. Uno, T.E. Cerling, F.H. Brown
Isotopically distinct modern carbonates in abandoned livestock corrals in northern Kenya
pp 2198-2205

Wolf-Achim Kahl, Britta Ramminger
Non-destructive fabric analysis of prehistoric pottery using high-resolution X-ray microtomography: a pilot study on the late Mesolithic to Neolithic site Hamburg-Boberg
pp 2206-2219

Joan Brenner Coltrain, Joel C. Janetski, Michael D. Lewis
A re-assessment of Basketmaker II cave 7: massacre site or cemetery context
pp 2220-2230

Atta G. Attaelmanan, Eisa A. Yousif
EDXRF analysis of pigment used for the decoration of Mleiha pottery
pp 2231-2237

Joanna Ostapkowicz, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Fiona Brock, Tom Higham, Alex C. Wiedenhoeft, Erika Ribechini, Jeannette J. Lucejko, Samuel Wilson
Chronologies in wood and resin: AMS 14C dating of pre-Hispanic Caribbean wood sculpture
pp 2238-2251

Dean E. Arnold, Bruce F. Bohor, Hector Neff, Gary M. Feinman, Patrick Ryan Williams, Laure Dussubieux, Ronald Bishop
The first direct evidence of pre-columbian sources of palygorskite for Maya Blue
pp 2252-2260

Philippa L. Ascough, Mike J. Church, Gordon T. Cook, Elaine Dunbar, Hildur Gestsdóttir, Thomas H. McGovern, Andrew J. Dugmore, Adolf Friðriksson, Kevin J. Edwards
Radiocarbon reservoir effects in human bone collagen from northern Iceland
pp 2261-2271

Knut Bretzke, Philipp Drechsler, Nicholas J. Conard
Water availability and landuse during the Upper and Epipaleolithic in southwestern Syria
pp 2272-2279

Michael F. Charlton, Eleanor Blakelock, Marcos Martinón-Torres, Tim Young
Investigating the production provenance of iron artifacts with multivariate methods
pp 2280-2293

Ingmar Unkel, Markus Reindel, Hermann Gorbahn, Johny Isla Cuadrado, Bernd Kromer, Volker Sossna
A comprehensive numerical chronology for the pre-Columbian cultures of the Palpa valleys, south coast of Peru
pp 2294-2303

Talía Lazuén
European Neanderthal stone hunting weapons reveal complex behaviour long before the appearance of modern humans
pp 2304-2311

Eleanora A. Reber, Matthew T. Kerr
The persistence of caffeine in experimentally produced black drink residues
pp 2312-2319

Matthew T. Boulanger, Richard S. Davis, Michael D. Glascock
Preliminary characterization and regional comparison of the Dasht-i-Nawur obsidian source near Ghazni, Afghanistan
pp 2320-2328

Teresa E. Steele, Timothy D. Weaver
Refining the Quadratic Crown Height Method of age estimation: do elk teeth wear quadratically with age?
pp 2329-2334

Patricia L. Fall, Steven E. Falconer, Christopher S. Galletti, Tracy Shirmang, Elizabeth Ridder, Joanna Klinge
Long-term agrarian landscapes in the Troodos foothills, Cyprus
pp 2335-2347

Elise Tartar
The recognition of a new type of bone tools in Early Aurignacian assemblages: implications for understanding the appearance of osseous technology in Europe
pp 2348-2360

M.J. Irabien, A. Cearreta, M. Urteaga
Historical signature of Roman mining activities in the Bidasoa estuary (Basque Country, northern Spain): an integrated micropalaeontological, geochemical and archaeological approach
pp 2361-2370

Jason E. Laffoon, Gareth R. Davies, Menno L.P. Hoogland, Corinne L. Hofman
Spatial variation of biologically available strontium isotopes (87Sr/86Sr) in an archipelagic setting: a case study from the Caribbean
pp 2371-2384

A.J. Finlay, J.M. McComish, C.J. Ottley, C.R. Bates, D. Selby
Trace element fingerprinting of ceramic building material from Carpow and York Roman fortresses manufactured by the VI Legion
pp 2385-2391

N.D. Mourtzas
Fish tanks of eastern Crete (Greece) as indicators of the Roman sea level
pp 2392-2408

Treena Swanston, Tamara Varney, Ian Coulthard, Renfei Feng, Brian Bewer, Reg Murphy, Cheryl Hennig, David Cooper
Element localization in archaeological bone using synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence: identification of biogenic uptake
pp 2409-2413

Vera Aldeias, Paul Goldberg, Dennis Sandgathe, Francesco Berna, Harold L. Dibble, Shannon P. McPherron, Alain Turq, Zeljko Rezek
Evidence for Neandertal use of fire at Roc de Marsal (France)
pp 2414-2423

Alan K. Outram, Alexei Kasparov, Natalie A. Stear, Victor Varfolomeev, Emma Usmanova, Richard P. Evershed
Patterns of pastoralism in later Bronze Age Kazakhstan: new evidence from faunal and lipid residue analyses
pp 2424-2435

Gilles Gauthier, Adrian L. Burke, Mathieu Leclerc
Assessing XRF for the geochemical characterization of radiolarian chert artifacts from northeastern North America
pp 2436-2451

Guy Bar-Oz, Lior Weissbrod, Boris Gasparian, Samvel Nahapetyan, Keith Wilkinson, Ron Pinhasi
Taphonomy and zooarchaeology of a high-altitude Upper Pleistocene faunal sequence from Hovk-1 Cave, Armenia
pp 2452-2463

Sahra Talamo, Konrad A. Hughen, Bernd Kromer, Paula J. Reimer
Debates over Palaeolithic chronology – the reliability of 14C is confirmed
pp 2464-2467

Hayley L. Mickleburgh, Jaime R. Pagán-Jiménez
New insights into the consumption of maize and other food plants in the pre-Columbian Caribbean from starch grains trapped in human dental calculus
pp 2468-2478

Francesco d'Errico, Lucinda R. Backwell, Lyn Wadley
Identifying regional variability in Middle Stone Age bone technology: The case of Sibudu Cave
pp 2479-2495

Sarah U. Wisseman, Randall E. Hughes, Thomas E. Emerson, Kenneth B. Farnsworth
Refining the identification of native American pipestone quarries in the midcontinental United States
pp 2496-2505

Sharon E. Fraser, Timothy Insoll, Anu Thompson, Bart E. van Dongen
Organic geochemical analysis of archaeological medicine pots from Northern Ghana. The multi-functionality of pottery
pp 506-2514

Safa Abd El-Kader Mohamed Hamed
A preliminary study on using enzymes in cleaning archaeological wood
pp 2515-2520

Yvonne Fors, Farideh Jalilehvand, Emiliana Damian Risberg, Charlotte Björdal, Ebba Phillips, Magnus Sandström
Sulfur and iron analyses of marine archaeological wood in shipwrecks from the Baltic Sea and Scandinavian waters
pp 2521-2532

Marie Kanstrup, Ingrid K. Thomsen, Peter H. Mikkelsen, Bent T. Christensen
Impact of charring on cereal grain characteristics: linking prehistoric manuring practice to δ15N signatures in archaeobotanical material
pp 2533-2540

Christopher T. Morehart
Mapping ancient chinampa landscapes in the Basin of Mexico: a remote sensing and GIS approach
pp 2541-2551

Atta G. Attaelmanan
Reliability of a new X-ray analytical microscope in archaeological research
pp 2552-2558

A. Zazzo, O. Munoz, J.-F. Saliège, C. Moreau
Variability in the marine radiocarbon reservoir effect in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) during the 4th millennium BC: reflection of taphonomy or environment?
pp 2559-2567

Jian Zhu, Michael D. Glascock, Changsui Wang, Xiaojun Zhao, Wei Lu
A study of limestone from the Longmen Grottoes of Henan province, China by neutron activation analysis
pp 2568-2573

Michael A. Glassow, H.B. Thakar, Douglas J. Kennett
Red abalone collecting and marine water temperature during the Middle Holocene occupation of Santa Cruz Island, California
pp 2574-2582

Clare Tochilin, William R. Dickinson, Matthew W. Felgate, Mark Pecha, Peter Sheppard, Frederick H. Damon, Simon Bickler, George E. Gehrels
Sourcing temper sands in ancient ceramics with U–Pb ages of detrital zircons: a southwest Pacific test case
pp 2583-2591

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