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Journal Archaeological Method & Theory 19/ 2

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
Nº 19/ 2 2012

A Historical Sketch on the Concepts of Archaeological Association, Context, and Provenience  pp. 207-240
R. Lee Lyman

Multiply Situated Strategies? Multi-Sited Ethnography and Archeology    pp. 241-268
Krysta Ryzewski

Detecting Apprentices and Innovators in the Archaeological Record: The Shell Bead-Making Industry of the Channel Islands  pp. 269-305
Jeanne E. Arnold

Approximating the Face of ‘Aunty’: A Question of Likeness   pp.306-321
Susan Hayes, Hallie Buckley, Richard Bradley, Nick Milne 
& John Dennison

Northern Iroquoian Ethnic Evolution: A Social Network Analysi
 pp. 322-349
John P. Hart, William Engelbrecht

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