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Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 52 / 2

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
52 / 2, 2012


Greek Mythography at Work: The Story of Perseus from Pherecydes
 to Tzetzes
Ulrike Kenens 147-166

Vindictive Prosecution in Classical Athens
Janek Kucharski 167-197

A New Procurator Augusti in the Province of Macedonia
Pantelis M. Nigdelis 198-207

Plant Mosaics in the Church at Ya῾amun
Mohammad Nassar, Nizar Turshan 208-225

Pagan Energies in Maximus the Confessor: The Influence of Proclus
 on Ad Thomam 5
Frederick Lauritzen 226-239

From Enclisis to Proclisis in Medieval Greek: σὲ λέγω and its Uses
 in the Chronicle of Morea
Jorie Soltic, Mark Janse pp. 240-258

The Interpolations in the Histories of Laonikos Chalkokondyles
Anthony Kaldellis pp. 259-283

Isaac Vossius’ Sylloge of Greek Technopaegnia
Guillermo Galán-Vioque pp. 284-309

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