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Journal Archaeological Method & Theory 18/ 4

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
18/ 4 2012

Special Issue: 
Assessing Michael Brian Schiffer and 
His Behavioral Archaeology

Introduction to Assessing Michael Brian Schiffer and His Behavioral Archaeology  pp. 273-277
J. Jefferson Reid & James M. Skibo

The Contribution of Behavioral Archaeology and the Research of Michael B. Schiffer to the Discipline pp. 278-283
Stephen Plog

Why Did Binford's Middle-Range Program Outcompete Schiffer's Formation Process Program?   pp.284-290
Robert L. Kelly Pages

What Were We Thinking? What Do I Think? Assessing Michael B. Schiffer and his Behavioral Archaeology  pp. 291-298
Linda S. Cordell

Just Methodology? A Review of Archaeology’s Debts to Michael Schiffer  pp.299-308
Diane Gifford-Gonzalez

Stimulated Variation and Cascades: Two Processes in the Evolution of Complex Technological Systems  pp. 309-335
Michael J. O’Brien, R. Alexander Bentley

A Behavioral Archaeologist Responds  pp. 336-348
Michael Brian Schiffer

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