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Religion, Brain & Behavior - nº 1/2

Religion, Brain & Behavior

Volume 1/2, 2011
ISSN: 2153-5981


The scientific study of religion and the humanities
Patrick McNamara, Richard Sosis & Wesley J. Wildman
pp. 101-2

Original Articles

Association of religious behavior and experiences with extent of regional atrophy in the orbifrontal cortex during older adulthood
R. David. Hayward, Amy D. Owen, Harold G. Koenig, David C. Steffens & Martha E. Payne
pp. 103-18

Supernatural punishment and individual social 
compliance across cultures
Pierrick Borrat, Quentin D. Atkinson & 
Robin I. M. Dunbar
pp. 119-134

Confucius meets cognition: new answers to old questions
Rolf Reber & Edward G. Slingerland
pp. 135-145

The role of testimony in the evaluation of religious expertise
André L. Souza & Cristine H. Legare
pp. 146-153

Bearing gods in mind and culture
F. LeRon Shults
pp. 66-70

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