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Archaeological Dialogues - Novo número

 VOLUME 18 / 02

Surface assemblages. Towards an archaeology in and of the present
Rodney Harrison
pp 141-161

Compelling futures and ever-present pasts. Realigning 
the archaeology of us
Audrey Horning
pp 161-164

In praise of depth
Alfredo González-Ruibal
pp 164-168

Archaeology. A career in ruins
Paul Graves-Brown
pp 168-171

Art and archaeology. A modern allegory
Ian Alden Russell
pp 172-176

Archaeological intervention in the past, present and future tense
William Rathje
pp 176-180

Archaeologies ‘now’. Creative interventions in the 
present for the future
Rodney Harrison
pp 180-196

Occulting the past. Conceptualizing forgetting in the history and archaeology of Sylvester Manor
Katherine Hayes
pp 197-221

Perceptions of Liao urban landscapes. Political practices 
and nomadic empires
Hu Lin
pp 223-243

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