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Royal Scone Conference - Videos

Royal Scone Conference

Perth, Escocia
Novembro 2014

Gordon Noble - Cult and Kingship,Understanding the Early Pictish Royal Centre at Rhynie

Alan Miller - Digital reconstruction of Scone Abbey

Alastair Mann - The Last Coronation of a King of Scots: Charles II in 1651 at Scone

Alexandra Sanmark - At the Assembly: Elite Rituals and the Creation of Ritual Space

David Caldwell - Finlaggan, Islay – a place for inaugurating kings

David Rollason - Stones and stone thrones in ‘celtic’ and non-‘celtic’ kingship across the middle ages

Jan-henrik Fallgren - Scandinavian Hill Forts – Symbolic sites for royal and common rituals

Jana Maríková-Kubková - Prague Castle. Seat of the Dukes and Kings of Bohemia, Place of Their Investiture

John Ljungkvist - Gamla Uppsala through a millennia, a continuous centre in constant transformation

Judith Ley - From Charlemagne’s Royal Residence to the German Coronation Place: A New Theory to the Function and Symbolism of the Aachen Palace

Karsten Ley - ‘Charlemagne’s own palatine chapel: Perception and Development of Aachen’s Carolingian Heritage 1949 ‐ 1978 ‐ 2014

Lucinda Dean - Where to make the king (or queen): the importance of place in Scottish inaugurations and coronations from 1214 to 1651

Matthew Hammond - Perth/Scone and assembly government in the mid-twelfth century

Øystein Erkoll - ‘The Kings’ Chair’ – The Royal Acclamation Tribune on Nidaros Cathedral Cemetery

Patrick Gleeson - Gathering the nations of early medieval Ireland: debating provincial kingship, royal government and ceremony in the post-Roman West

Richard Millar - Scone Abbey: An Overview of its Portfolio of Lands, Rights, and Churches

Andrew Johnson - Tynwald: Assembly, Royal Inauguration and Parliamentary Tradition on the Isle of Man

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