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Redes e Arqueologia - JAMT Nº 22/1

Journal of Archaeological Method 

& Theory Nº 22/1 - 2015

   The Connected Past: critical and innovative approaches to networks in archaeology


Networks in Archaeology: Phenomena, Abstraction, Representation
Anna Collar, Fiona Coward, Tom Brughmans, & Barbara J. Mills

Are Social Networks Survival Networks? An Example from the Late Pre-Hispanic US Southwest
Lewis Borck, Barbara J. Mills, Matthew A. Peeples, & Jeffery J. Clark

Understanding Inter-settlement Visibility in Iron Age and Roman Southern Spain with Exponential Random Graph Models for Visibility Networks
Tom Brughmans, Simon Keay, & Graeme Earl

Inferring Ancestral Pueblo Social Networks from Simulation in the Central Mesa Verde
Stefani A. Crabtree

Network Analysis of Archaeological Data from Hunter-Gatherers: Methodological Problems and Potential Solutions
Erik Gjesfjeld

Procurement and Distribution of Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican Obsidian 900 BC–AD 1520: a Social Network Analysis
by Mark Golitko, & Gary M. Feinman

The Equifinality of Archaeological Networks: an Agent-Based Exploratory Lab Approach
by Shawn Graham, & Scott Weingart

Remotely Local: Ego-networks of Late Pre-colonial (AD 1000–1450) Saba, North-eastern Caribbean
by Angus A. A. Mol, Menno L. P. Hoogland, & Corinne L. Hofman

The Diffusion of Fired Bricks in Hellenistic Europe: A Similarity Network Analysis
by Per Östborn, & Henrik Gerding

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