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Journal of Material Culture 19/1

Journal of Material Culture
19/1, 2014


On Open Access and journal futures  pp. 3-6
Haidy Geismar & Susanne Küchler


Imagining the Indian nationalist movement: Revolutionary metaphors in imagery of the freedom struggle   pp. 7-34
Kama Maclean

Animals, daguerreotypes and movement: The despair of fading and the emergence of ontology  pp. 35-58
David Lulka

From bolts to bags: Transforming cloth in 19th-century Tlingit Alaska  pp. 59-73
Megan A Smetzer

Shellwork on show: Colonial history, Australian Aboriginal women and the display of decorative objects   pp. 75-92,
Maria Nugent

Existential and object authenticity in Southwestern pottery: Intertwined and complementary  pp. 93-110
Fiona M Felker, Joyce D Hammond, Gregory Schaaf & 
Joan C Stevenson

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