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Social Evolution & History 11/1

Social Evolution & History 11/1, 2012


Claessen, Henri J. M.; Hagesteijn, Renée R.
On State Formation and Territorial Expansion – A Dialogue

Steere, Benjamin A.; Kowalewski, Stephen A.
Wealth Stratification in Ancient Mesoamerica

Thompson, William R.
The Lead Economy Sequence in World Politics (From Sung China to the United States): Selected Counterfactuals

Dobrolyubov, Sergey V.
Sociogenesis vs. Marx Evolutionary Determinism: The Anthropic Mechanism of Social Dynamics

Grinin, Leonid
Celebrities as a New Elite of Information Society

Review Essay:

Malkov, Sergey
Review of Social Macroevolution: Genesis and Transformation of the World System by Leonid Grinin and Andrey Korotayev

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