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Oxford Journal of Archaeology 31/3

Oxford Journal of Archaeology
Vol. 31/3, 2012

Original articles

Beyond Copper: Commodities and Values in Middle Bronze Cypro-Levantine exchanges   pp. 225–243
Lindy Crewe

Beyond Intermarriage: The Role of the indigenous italic population at Pithekoussai   pp. 245–260
Olivia Kelley

Under Divine Wings: Forms of Ideological and territorial domination during the Iberian Iron Age  pp. 261–281
Susana González Reyero

Routine Magic, Mundane Ritual: Towards a unified notion of depositional practice   pp. 283–315
Adrian M. Chadwick

Chest Burial: A Middle Anglo-Saxon funerary rite from Northern England   pp. 317–337
Elizabeth Graig-Atkins

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