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Journal Archaeological Method & Theory 19/ 3

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
Nº 19/ 4 2012

Dogs as Analogs in Stable Isotope-Based Human Paleodietary Reconstructions: A Review and Considerations for Future Use   
pp. 351-376
Eric J. Guiry

Reconstructing Iron Age Community Dynamics in Eskişehir Province, Central Turkey  pp 377-406
Peter Grave, Lisa Kealhofer, Ben Mars,
 Taciser Sivas & Hakan Sivas

An Optimized Approach for Protein Residue Extraction and Identification from Ceramics After Cooking  pp. 407-439
Andrew Barker, Barney Venables, Stanley M. Stevens Jr. & Kent W Seeley & Peggy Wang & Steve Wolverton

Modelling Temporal Uncertainty in Archaeological Analysis  
pp. 440-461
Enrico R. Crema

On Behavioral Depression in White-tailed Deer  pp. 462-489
Steve Wolverton, Lisa Nagaoka, Pinliang & James H. Kennedy

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