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European Journal of Archaeology 15/2

European Journal of Archaeology
Vol. 15/2 2012

pp. 183-186
Skeates, Robin


Amber Sources and Trade in the Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula
pp. 187-216
Murillo-Barroso, Mercedes & Martinón-Torres, Marcos

Historic Aerial Photographic Archives for European Archaeology
pp. 217-236
Cowley, David C. & Stichelbaut, Birger B.

Special Section
Underwater Archaeology: Research 
and Heritage Management

Marine, Maritime, or Submerged Prehistory? Contextualizing the Prehistoric Underwater Archaeologies of Inland, Coastal, and Offshore Environments
pp. 237-256
Benjamin, Jonathan; Hale, Alex

The Underwater Archaeological Heritage of Andalusia: 
Actions for the Protection of an Emerging Heritage
pp. 257-274
Rivera, Carmen GarcÍa; GarcÍa, Milagros Alzaga

The French Department of Underwater Archaeology:
 A Brief Overview
pp. 275-284
L'Hour, Michel

Underwater Cultural Heritage and Maritime Archaeology
 in Croatia: An Overview
pp. 285-308
Rossi, Irena Radić

The Latest Link in the Long Tradition of Maritime Archaeology 
in Turkey: The Yenikapı Shipwrecks
pp. 309-323
Kocabaş, Ufuk


Situating Gender in European Archaeology
pp. 324-327
Díaz-Andreu, Margarita

Cave of Forgotten Dreams
pp. 327-332
Aspöck, Edeltraud

The Magdalenian Household: Unravelling Domesticity
pp. 332-336
Langlais, Mathieu

The Rhyton from Danilo: Structure and Symbolism of
 a Middle Neolithic Cult-Vessel
pp. 336-340
Schwarzberg, Heiner

Comparative Archaeologies: The American Southwest 
(AD 900-1600) and the Iberian Peninsula (3000-1500 BC)
pp. 341-344
McGuire, Randall H.

Exotica in the Prehistoric Mediterranean
pp. 344-348
Odriozola Lloret, Carlos P.

Archaeology of the Origin of the State: The Theories
pp. 348-353
Blanton, Richard E.

Iron Age Myth and Materiality: An Archaeology of Scandinavia
 AD 400-1000
pp. 353-356
Hills, Catherine

Landscapes Through the Lens: Aerial Photographs 
and Historic Environment
pp. 356-359
Gojda, Martin

Remote Sensing for Archaeological Heritage Management
pp. 359-363
Castillejo, Alfredo Maximiano

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