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Journal of Archaeological Science - Novo número

Journal of Archaeological Science 
Vol. 38, nº 11, Novembro 2011 

Obsidian sources and distribution systems in Island Southeast Asia: a review of previous research
pp. 2873-2881
Matthew Spriggs, Christian Reepmeyer, Anggraeni, Peter Lape, Leee Neri, Wilfredo P. Ronquillo, Truman Simanjuntak, Glenn Summerhayes, Daud Tanudirjo, Archie Tiauzo

Assessing the macrofracture method for identifying Stone Age hunting weaponry
pp. 2882-2888
Justin Pargeter

XRF analysis of glass beads from the Mycenaean palace of Nestor at Pylos, Peloponnesus, Greece: new insight into the LBA glass trade
pp. 2889-2896
Kyriaki Polikreti, Joanne M.A. Murphy, Vasilike Kantarelou, Andreas Germanos Karydas

Geologic constraints on rain-fed Qocha reservoir agricultural infrastructure, northern lake Titicaca Basin, Peru
pp. 2897-2907
Nathan Craig, Mark S. Aldenderfer, Catherine A. Rigsby, Paul A. Baker, Luis Flores Blanco

Earliest art in the Americas: incised image of a proboscidean on a mineralized extinct animal bone from Vero Beach, Florida
pp. 2908-2913
Barbara A. Purdy, Kevin S. Jones, John J. Mecholsky, Gerald Bourne, Richard C. Hulbert Jr., Bruce J. MacFadden, Krista L. Church, Michael W. Warren, Thomas F. Jorstad, Dennis J. Stanford, Melvin J. Wachowiak, Robert J. Speakman

Using hearths for temper: petrographic analysis of Middle Woodland charcoal-tempered pottery in Northeast Florida
pp. 2914-2924
Neill J. Wallis, Ann S. Cordell, Lee A. Newsom

Evidence for volcanic ash fall in the Maya Lowlands from a reservoir at Tikal, Guatemala
pp. 2925-2938
Kenneth B. Tankersley, Vernon L. Scarborough, Nicholas Dunning, Warren Huff, Barry Maynard, Tammie L. Gerke

Supply routes and the consumption of glass in first millennium CE Butrint (Albania)
pp. 2939-2948
Nadine Schibille

Detection of chloride from pottery as a marker for salt: A new analytical method validated using simulated salt-making pottery and applied to Japanese ceramics
pp. 2949-2956
Akiko Horiuchi, Nobuo Ochiai, Hitomi Kurozumi, Yoshiki Miyata

New trials in the consolidation of waterlogged archaeological wood with different acetone-carried products
pp. 2957-2967
Gianna Giachi, Chiara Capretti, Ines D. Donato, Nicola Macchioni, Benedetto Pizzo

The use of stereoscopic images taken from a microdrone for the documentation of heritage – An example from the Tuekta burial mounds in the Russian Altay
pp. 2968-2978
Marijn Hendrickx, Wouter Gheyle, Johan Bonne, Jean Bourgeois, Alain De Wulf, Rudi Goossens

The origin of black pigmentation in a sample of Mexican prehispanic human bones
pp. 2979-2988
Carlos Argáez, Erasmo Batta, Josefina Mansilla, Carmen Pijoan, Pedro Bosch

Identification of metal residues associated with bit-use on prehistoric horse teeth by scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis
pp. 2989-2994
Robin Bendrey

Obsidian sources and distribution systems in Island Southeast Asia: new results and implications from geochemical research using LA-ICPMS
pp. 2995-3005
Christian Reepmeyer, Matthew Spriggs, Anggraeni, Peter Lape, Leee Neri, Wilfredo P. Ronquillo, Truman Simanjuntak, Glenn Summerhayes, Daud Tanudirjo, Archie Tiauzon

Discriminant function analyses in archaeology: are classification rates too good to be true?
pp. 3006-3018
Kris Kovarovic, Leslie C. Aiello, Andrea Cardini, Charles A. Lockwood

Hematite sources and archaeological ochres from Hohokam and O’odham sites in central Arizona: an experiment in type identification and characterization
pp. 3019-3028
B. Sunday Eiselt, Rachel S. Popelka-Filcoff, J. Andrew Darling, Michael D. Glascock

Natural preservation mechanisms at play in a Bronze Age wooden shovel found in the copper mines of Alderley Edge
pp. 3029-3037
A.D. Smith, D.I. Green, J.M. Charnock, E. Pantos, S. Timberlake, A.J.N.W. Prag

Change and variability in Plio-Pleistocene climates: modelling the hominin response
pp. 3038-3047
Matt Grove

The taphonomy and palaeoenvironmental implications of the small mammals from Karain Cave, Turkey
pp. 3048-3059
Arzu Demirel, Peter Andrews, Işın Yalçınkaya, Ayhan Ersoy

Archaeometric evidences of the 4th–2nd century BC amphorae productions in north eastern Sicily
pp. 3060-3071
Germana Barone, Paolo Mazzoleni, Caterina Ingoglia, Maria Grazia Vanaria

Petrographic and geochemical investigations of the late prehistoric ceramics from Sos Höyük, Erzurum (Eastern Anatolia)
pp. 3072-3084
Mustafa Kibaroğlu, Antonio Sagona, Muharrem Satir

Seasonality and season of birth of modern and late Neolithic sheep from south-eastern France using tooth enamel δ18O analysis
pp. 3085-3093
Emilie Blaise, Marie Balasse

Upper Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer subsistence in Mediterranean coastal environments: an isotopic study of the diets of the earliest directly-dated humans from Sicily
pp. 3094-3100
Marcello A. Mannino, Rosaria Di Salvo, Vittoria Schimmenti, Carolina Di Patti, Alessandro Incarbona, Luca Sineo, Michael P. Richard

Estimating weaning and early childhood diet from serial micro-samples of dentin collagen
pp. 3101-3111
Jelmer W. Eerkens, Ada G. Berget, Eric J. Bartelink

Lithic refitting and movement connections: the NW area of level TD10-1 at the Gran Dolina site (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain)
pp. 3112-3121
Esther López-Ortega, Xosé Pedro Rodríguez, Manuel Vaquero

The relationship of the Mimbres to other southwestern and Mexican populations
pp. 3122-3133
Meradeth Snow, Harry Shafer, David Glenn Smith

Comparison of celadon from the Yaozhou and Xicun kilns in the Northern Song Dynasty of China by X-ray fluorescence and microscopy
pp. 3134-3140
Tiequan Zhu, Hong Huang, Hongmin Wang, Limin Hu, Xibin Yi

Testing the accuracy of portable X-ray fluorescence to study Aztec and Colonial obsidian supply at Xaltocan, Mexico
pp. 3141-3152
John K. Millhauser, Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría, Michael D. Glascock

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