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Tiresias Nº 2


pp. v-vI


The Reversal of Roles - Free Slaves, Slavish Freemen
pp. 1-6
Andrew Coriandros Kim

Who was Ptolemy Neos Philopator
pp. 7-15
Lukas Lemcke

Some Modern Misinterpretations about Sexual Language in Catullus
pp. 16-20
Mitchell Elvidge

Christian Iberia: A Society Religiously Organized for War
pp. 21-25
David Siebert

Notarial Convention in the Facilitation of Trade and Economics 
in Mid-Thirteenth Century Marseille
pp. 26-39
C. Faith Cameletti

Tall Tales and Tudors: A historiography of the Tudor’s Religio-political policies in Ireland
pp. 40-45
James Rimmer

Between Imagination and Observation: Reasoning Monstrous Births 
in Scipione Mercurio's La Commare
pp. 46-54
Marie-Luise Schega

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