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Mobilidade e Migração - World Archaeology 46/4


Mobility & Migration



Moving On: Archaeological Perspectives on Mobility and Migration
pp. 477-483
Peter van Dommelen

Original Articles

Mobility and migration in the Early Neolithic of the Mediterranean: questions of motivation and mechanism  pp. 484-501
Thomas P. Leppard

Semiconductor theory in migration: population receivers, homelands and gateways in Taiwan and Island Southeast Asia   pp. 502-515
Mike T. Carson & Hsiao-chun Hung

Peasant mobility, local migration and premodern urbanization
pp. 516-533
Michael E. Smith

People on the move in Roman Britain   pp. 534-550
Hella Eckardt, Gundula Müldner & Mary Lewis

Migration, mobility and craftspeople in the Aegean Bronze Age: 
a case study from Ayia Irini on the island of Kea   pp. 551-568
Natalie Abell

Prehistoric migration in the Caribbean: past perspectives, new models and the ideal free distribution of West Indian colonization  pp. 569-589
Christina M. Giovas & Scott M. Fitzpatrick

Stage of encounters: migration, mobility and interaction in the pre-colonial and early colonial Caribbean   pp. 590-609
Corinne Hofman, Angus Mol, Menno Hoogland & Roberto Valcárcel Rojas

Invaders or just herders? Libyans in Egypt in the third and second millennia bce   pp. 610-623
Juan Carlos Moreno García

Yo-ho, yo-ho, a seren’s life for me!   pp.624-640
Louise A. Hitchcock & Aren M. Maeir

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