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Oxford Journal of Archaeology Vol. 33/4

Oxford Journal of Archaeology
Vol. 33/4, 2014


Saucer Barrows: Places for Ritual within Wessex Early Bronze Age Chalkland Barrow Cemeteries pp. 339–359
Andy M. Jones and Henrietta Quinnell

Beyond Elites: Reassessing Irish Iron Age Society  pp. 361–377
Brian Dolan

Reassessing the Oppida: The Role of Power and Religion   pp. 379–394
Manuel Fernández-Götz

The Vindolanda Timepiece: Time and Calendar Reckoning in Roman Britain  pp. 395–411
Kevin K. Birth

Finding Vikings in the Danelaw  pp. 413–434
Jo Buckberry, Janet Montgomery, Jacqueline Towers, 
Gundula Müldner, Malin Holst, Jane Evans, Andrew Gledhill, 
Naomi Neale and Julia Lee-Thorp

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