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World Archaeology 45/1, 2013

Archaeology of Religious Change


Archaeology of religious change: introduction   pp. 1-11
Julia Shaw

The earth, the sky and the water's edge: changing beliefs in the earlier prehistory of Northern Europe  pp. 12-26
Richard Bradley & Courtney Nimura

The significance of places: the Christianization of Scandinavia from a spatial point of view   pp. 27-45
Anders Andrén

Fragments of a conversion: handling bodies and objects in pagan and Christian Scandinavia ad 800–1100   pp. 46-63
Julie Lund

‘The sieidi is a better altar/the noaidi drum's a purer church bell’: long-term changes and syncretism at Sámi offering sites   pp. 64-82
Tiina Äikäs & Anna-Kaisa Salmi

Archaeologies of Buddhist propagation in ancient India: ‘ritual’ and ‘practical’ models of religious change  pp. 83-108
Julia Shaw

Islamicization or Islamicizations? Expansion of Islam and social practice in the Vega of Granada (south-east Spain)   pp. 109-123
José C. Carvajal

Beyond the Dreamtime: archaeology and explorations of religious change in Australia   pp. 124-136
Peter Hiscock

Change and permanency on the coast of ancient Peru: the religious site of Pachacamac   pp. 137-160
Peter Eeckhout

The Spanish conquest and the Maya collapse: how ‘religious’ is change?   pp. 161-185
Elizabeth Graham, Scott E. Simmons & Christine D. White

Reformation of the English cathedral landscape: negotiating change in York Minster Close c. 1500–1642   pp. 186-205
Stefania Merlo Perring

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