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Antropologias Sanguentas - JRAI 19

JRAI Vol. 19, Supplement 1
Blood will out: essays on liquid transfers 
and flows

Introduction: blood will out
Janet Carsten   pp.1–23

Lifeblood, liquidity, and cash transfusions: beyond metaphor in the cultural study of finance
Kath Weston   pp. 24–S41

The way blood flows: the sacrificial value of intravenous drip use in Northeast Brazil
Maya Mayblin   pp. 42–56

Medieval European conceptions of blood: truth and human integrity
Bettina Bildhauer  pp. 57–76

The blood of Abraham: Mormon redemptive physicality and American idioms of kinship
Fenella Cannell   pp. 77–94

Who is my stranger? Origins of the gift in wartime London, 1939-45
Nicholas Whitfield   pp. 95–117

Bloodlines: blood types, identity, and association in twentieth-century America
Susan E. Lederer   pp. 118–129

‘Searching for the truth’: tracing the moral properties of blood in Malaysian clinical pathology labs
Janet Carsten   pp. 130–148

The art of bleeding: memory, martyrdom, and portraits in blood
Jacob Copeman   pp.149–171

Blood and the brain
Emily Martin   pp.172–184

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