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Tiresias Nº 1, 2012

TIRESIA Nº 1, 2012


The Question of the Inevitability of the Fall of the Roman Republic    pp. 1-6 
Amanda Ross

Was the Peloponnesian War inevitable after 435 BC?   pp.7-13
Lukas Lemcke

Roman Thoughts, Ideas, and Practices of Pregnancy    pp. 15-24
Alisha Adams

Lysippos' Sculpture   pp. 25-33
Mitchell Elvidge

The Nature of and Motivations Behind the Portrayals of Women in the Plays of Euripides   pp. 35-40
Adele Robert

Cicero’s Construction of Ethos in the First Catilinarian    pp. 41-49
Amanda Ross

The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem as prototypical NGO   pp. 51-55
Ryan Chen-Wing

Sexuality in the Natural and Demonic Magic of the Middle Ages   pp. 57-59
Megan Pepin

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