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Social Evolution & History 12/1

Social Evolution & History 12/1 2013


Baskin, Ken
The Complexity of Evolution: History as a Post-Newtonian Social Science

Kradin, Nikolay N.
Criteria of Complexity in Evolution: Cross-Cultural Study in Archaeology of Prehistory

Giordano, Christian
Regimes of Toleration in Nation-States and in Consociations: The Recognition of Ethno-Cultural Diversity and Its Dilemmas in a Globalized World

Rousseau, Jérôme
When Sudden Economic Change is not Traumatic: The Collapse of Meat Sharing in Central Borneo

Nkyabonaki, Jason; Mkunde, Beatrice
The Fruit of MKUKUTA in Tanzania's Education Sector: The Case of Secondary Education by Field Evidence from Two Districts

Sablin, Ivan
Transcultural Interactions and Elites in Late Pre-Soviet and Early Soviet Chukotka, 1900–1931

Review Essay

Romanchuk, Aleksey A.
To the Metaparadigm of Evolution

The Almanac ‘Evolution’

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