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Social Evolution & History 11/2

Social Evolution & History 11/2, 2012


Editorial Preface

Carneiro, Robert L.
The Circumscription Theory: A Clarification, Amplification, and Reformulation Comments:

Barry III, Herbert
Political Integration without Warfare

Carmack, Robert M.
Circumscription Theory: A Clarification, Amplification, and Reformulation by Robert L. Carneiro

Claessen, Henri J. M.
Reconsideration of a Reformulation

Feinman, Gary M.
Circumscription Theory and Political Change: From Determinism to Mechanisms and Parameters

Ganzha, Alexander; Shinakov, Evgeniy A.
Was the War Caused by the Circumscription the Only Way to the State?

Gibson, D. Blair
Carneiro's Social Circumscription Theory: Necessary but not Sufficient

Guidi, Alessandro
Carneiro and the Archaeology of War: A Comment from a Prehistorian

Hakami, Khaled
Questions to Spencer's Bulldog

Kowalewski, Stephen A.
Two Metaphors and a Myth

Kurtz, Donald V.
State Origins: Clarifications and Reformulations

Lozny, Ludomir L.
How Social Complexity Happens: Causal-History Explanation

Marcus, Joyce
The Formation of Political Hierarchies and the Loss of Autonomy

van Meijl, Toon
Ideology and the Rise of Early States

Peregrine, Peter N.
Population Pressure Problems

Rozov, Nikolai
The Circumscription Theory by Robert Carneiro in the Socio-Ontological and Macrosociological Context

Small, David B.
We Know too Much, We Know too Little

Sneath, David
Population, Coercion and State Formation. Some Comments on Robert Carneiro's Reformulation of Circumscription Theory

Spier, Fred
Religion and the Revised Circumscription Theory

Testart, Alain
Comment on R. L. Carneiro's Article on the Origin of the State: ‘The Circumscription Theory: A Clarification, Amplification, and Re-formulation’

van der Vliet, Edward C. L.
State Formation: Not by War Alone

Wason, Paul
Process and Regularity in Human Affairs: A Comment on Carneiro

Jianping Yi
Circumscription Theory and the Political Evolution in Prehistoric China

Carneiro, Robert L.
Answers to Critiques

Grinin, Leonid; Korotayev, Andrey
Emergence of Chiefdoms and States: A Spectrum of Opinions

Congratulations to the Tenth Anniversary of the Journal

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