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Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 52 / 3

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies  
52 / 3, 2012


The Vocabulary of Offerings in Ancient Greece
Theodora Suk Fong Jim pp. 310-337

Was Epinician Poetry Performed at Panhellenic Sanctuaries?
Christopher C. Eckerman 338-360

Philo and Plutarch as Biographers: Parallel Responses to Roman Stoicism
Maren R. Niehoff pp. 361-392

Thucydides in the School Rhetoric of the Imperial Period
J. Carlos Iglesias-Zoido pp. 393-420

A New Osiriform Lamp from Antioch in the Hatay 
Archaeological Museum
Ergün Laflı, Maurizio Buora, Attilio Mastrocinque pp. 421-439

The Limits of Platonism: Gregory of Nazianzus and the 
Invention of theōsis
Boris Maslov pp. 440-468

Two Controversial Passages in Damascius (In Phd. I 275–292 and II 28)
Geert Roskam 469-492

Homer as a Blueprint for Speechwriters: Eustathius’ 
Commentaries and Rhetoric
René Nünlist

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