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Cognitive Alterities / Neuromedievalism
special issue 
Postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 3/3 2012

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction
• Jane Chance:  Cognitive Alterities: From Cultural Studies to Neuroscience and Back Again 

Essays: Theory
• Ashby Kinch :  Re-visioning the past: Neuromedievalism and the neural circuits of vision

• Matthew Boyd Goldie:  Neurobiological Alphabets: Language Origins and the Problem of Universals

• Lara Farina:  Once More With Feeling: Tactility and Cognitive Alterity, Medieval and Modern

Essays: Narrative
• Ashby Kinch:  Mind like wickerwork': The neuroplastic aesthetics of Chaucer's House of Tidings

• Mayumi Taguchi:  Mirroring Christ as a Meme 

• Kerstin Pfeiffer:  Feeling the Passion: Neuropsychological Perspectives on Audience Response

• Sara M. Ritchey:  Manual Thinking: John Mombaer's Meditations, the Neuroscience of the Imagination, and the Future of the Humanities 

Response essay
• Antony D. Passaro:  A Cautionary Note from a Neuroscientist's Perspective: Interpreting from Mirror Neurons and Neuroplasticity 

Book review essay
• Aranye Fradenburg:  Going Mental 

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