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Theory, Culture & Society - Monografico Strathern

Theory, Culture, & Society Vol 31/2-3

Special Issue: Social Theory After Strathern

Foreword to Social Theory After Strathern   pp. 3-6
Paul Rabinow

Social Theory after Strathern: An Introduction   pp. 7-37
Alice Street & Jacob Copeman

Melanesian Ethnography and the Comparative Project of Anthropology: Reflection on Strathern’s Analogical Approach   pp. 39-64
Eric Hirsch

Plagiarism, Kinship and Slavery  pp. 65-91
Mario Biagioli

Language Trails: ‘Lekker’ and Its Pleasures   pp. 93-119
Annemarie Mol

The Coming of the Corporate Gift   pp. 121-145
Jamie Cross

Law after Anthropology: Object and Technique in Roman Law  
pp. 147-166
Alain Pottage

Unexpected Properties: Strathern on the Relation of Law and Culture   pp. 167-184
Carol J. Greenhouse

The Image after Strathern: Art and Persuasive Relationality in 
India’s Sanguinary Politics  pp. 185-220
Jacob Copeman & Alice Street

Strathern beyond the Human: Testimony of a Spore   pp. 221-241
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

Analogic Return: The Reproductive Life of Conceptuality  pp. 243-261
Sarah Franklin

An Interview with Marilyn Strathern: Kinship and Career   pp. 263-281
Janet Carsten

Afterword: Struck Dumb? Marilyn Strathern and Social Science  
pp. 283-288
Nigel Thrift

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