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Oxford Journal of Archaeology 32/4

Oxford Journal of Archaeology
Vol. 32/4 2013

Unpicking the Chronology of Carrowmore   343–366
Stefan Bergh and Robert Hensey

Ceramic Traditions and Cultural Identities: West-Central France during the Late Neolithic II Period (c.3400–2900 cal. BC)  367–389
Vincent Ard

From Greek Boar's-Tusk Helmets to the First European Metal Helmets: New Approaches on Development & Chronology  391–412
Marianne Mödlinger

Roman Urbanism: A View from the Countryside  413–432
Jeremy Taylor

Cooking Pots and Islamicization in the Early Medieval Vega of Granada (Al-Andalus, Sixth to Twelfth Centuries)  433–451
Jose C. Carvajal and Peter M. Day

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