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Journal of Social Archaeology 13/3

Journal of Social Archaeology
13/3, 2013


Temporalities of the Formative Period Taraco Peninsula, Bolivia  287-309
Andrew P. Roddick

The National Museum of Immigration History (Paris, France), neo-colonialist representations, silencing, and re-appropriation  310-330
Sophia Labadi

Tapu and the invention of the “death taboo”: An analysis of the transformation of a Polynesian cultural concept  331-349
Helen Gilmore, Cyril Schafer & Siân Halcrow

Cultural sovereignty in the Balkans and Turkey: The politics of preservation and rehabilitation 350-370
Christina Luke

Building community: Exploring civic identity in Hispanic New Mexico  371-393
Kelly L. Jenks

The past as a lived space: Heritage places, re-emergent aesthetics, and hopeful practices in NW Argentina   394-419
Marisa Lazzari & Alejandra Korstanje

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