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Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 53 / 1

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
Vol 53/1, 2013


The Betrayal of Aeneas
Giampiero Scafoglio  pp. 1-14

Dating the Homeric Hymn to Selene: Evidence and Implications 
Alexander E. W. Hall   pp. 15-30

A Citizen as a Slave of the State? Oligarchic Perceptions of Democracy in Xenophon
Melina Tamiolaki   pp. 31-50

The Discourse of Deception and Characterization in Attic Oratory
Christos Kremmydas pp. 51-89

Hyperides and Epopteia: A New Fragment of the Defense of Phryne
Peter O’Connell pp. 90-116

Evagrius and Gregory: Nazianzen or Nyssen? Cappadocian (and Origenian) Influence on Evagrius
Ilaria L. E. Ramelli pp. 117-137

Unexpected Evidence concerning Gold Mining in Early Byzantium
Tatyana I. Afanas’eva, Sergey A. Ivanov pp. 138-144

Another Link in the Golden Chain: Aeneas of Gaza and Zacharias Scholasticus on Plotinus Enn. 4.3
Sarah Klitenic Wear pp. 145-165

On the Founder of the Skripou Church: Literary Trends in 
the Milieu of Photius
Oscar Prieto-Domínguez pp. 166-191

Lamentation, History, and Female Authorship in 
Anna Komnene’s Alexiad
Leonora Neville pp. 192-218

Theodore Prodromos’ Bion Prasis: A Reappraisal
Przemysław Marciniak pp. 219-239

Reconsidering Renaissance Greek Grammars through the 
Case of Chrysoloras’ Erotemata
Erika Nuti pp. 240-268

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