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European Journal of Archaeology 15/1

European Journal of Archaeology
Vol. 15/1 2012

pp. 1-4
Skeates, Robin

Herding, Settlement, and Chronology in the Balkan Neolithic
pp. 5-40
Orton, David

Social Complexity in the Mid-Holocene Northeastern Bothnian Gulf
pp. 41-60
Costopoulos, André; Vaneeckhout, Samuel; 
Okkonen, Jari; Hulse, Eva; Paberzyte, Ieva;
 Wren, Colin D.

From the Parochial to the Universal: Comparing Cloth 
Cultures in the Bronze Age
pp. 61-97
Harris, Susanna

The Useful Dead: Bodies as Objects in Iron Age and
 Norse Atlantic Scotland
pp. 98-116
Shapland, Fiona; Armit, Ian

'Impious Easterners': Can Oxygen and Strontium Isotopes 
Serve as Indicators of Provenance in Early Medieval
 European Cemetery Populations?
pp. 117-145
Brettell, Rhea; Evans, Jane; Marzinzik, Sonja; 
Lamb, Angela; Montgomery, Janet

The World after Thor Heyerdahl: Challenges to Archaeology 
in the Twenty-First Century
pp. 146-151
Witoszek, Nina

The Global Origins and Development of Seafaring
pp. 152-155
Medas, Stefano

Signa Praehistorica: Studia in Honorem Magistri 
Attila László Septuagesimo Anno
pp. 155-159
Vieru, Elena

Links between Megalithism and Hypogeism in 
Western Mediterranean Europe
pp. 159-163
Brizzi, Vittorio

The Rock Art of Norway
pp. 163-166
Estévez, Manuel Santos

The Urbanisation of Etruria: Funerary Practices
 and Social Change, 700-600 bc
pp. 166-171
Ciuccarelli, Maria Raffaella

Caesar's Druids: Story of an Ancient Priesthood
pp. 171-174
Collis, John

Minería y Metalurgia Romana en el Sur de la Península Ibérica.
 Sierra Morena Oriental
pp. 174-178
Murillo-Barroso, Mercedes

The Viking Age: Ireland and the West. Proceedings of 
the Fifteenth Viking Congress, Cork, 2005
pp. 178-182
Williams, Howard

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