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Archaeological Dialogues - Novo número

Archaeological Dialogues 19/01 2012

Inviting reactions pp 1-1

Intransigent archaeology. An interview with Evžen Neustupný on his life in archaeology  pp 3-28
Martin Kuna

From climate and society to weather and landscape  pp 29-42
Toby Pillatt

Climate change, extreme weather events and issues of human perception  pp 42-46
Martin Bell

Weathering climate change. The value of social memory and ecological knowledge pp 46-51
Jago Cooper

Palaeo-environments and human experience pp 51-54
Althea Davies

Yes and No. How applicable is a focus on palaeo-weather? pp 54-56
Detlef Gronenborn

Weather and climate proxy records  pp 57-62
T.J. Wilkinson

Resilience theory and social memory. Avoiding abstraction  pp 62-74
Toby Pillatt

Women archaeologists in 20th-century Britain. Response to Rachel Pope  pp 75-80
Catherine M. Hills

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