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Journal Archaeological Method & Theory 17/ 3

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
17/ 3 2010

Special Issue: 
Innovations in the Chemical Analysis of Activity Areas

Prologue to Uses of Chemical Residues to Make Statements About Human Activities pp.175-182
Vance T. Holliday, Denise Lawrence-Zuniga & Victor Buchli

The Study of Archaeological Floors: Methodological Proposal for the Analysis of Anthropogenic Residues by Spot Tests, ICP-OES,
 and GC-MS pp. 183-208
William D. Middleton, Luis Barba, Alessandra Pecci, James H. Burton, Agustin Ortiz, Laura Salvini & Roberto Rodriguez Suárez

Sampling Design and Inferential Bias in Archaeological 
Soil Chemistry pp.209-230
E. Christian Wells

The Ben Lawers Historic Landscape Project: Simultaneous Multi-element Analysis of Former Settlement and Arable Soils by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry pp. 231-248
Peter W. Abrahams, Jane A. Entwistle & Robert A. Dodgshon

Social Spaces of Daily Life: A Reflexive Approach to the Analysis of Chemical Residues by Multivariate Spatial Analysis pp. 249-278
Sandra L. López Varela, Christopher D. Dore

Kaleidoscopes, Palimpsests, and Clay: Realities and Complexities in Human Activities and Soil Chemical/Residue Analysis pp. 279-302
Christopher D. Dore, Sandra L. López Varela


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