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Journal Archaeological Method & Theory 17/ 4

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
17/ 4 2010

Special Issue: 
Archaeological Perspectives on Niche Construction Theory

Niche Construction Theory and Archaeology pp.303-322
Kevin N. Laland & Michael J. O’Brien

A Niche Construction Perspective on the Middle–Upper Paleolithic Transition in Italy pp.323-355
Julien Riel-Salvatore

Why Didn’t Agriculture Develop in Japan? A Consideration of Jomon Ecological Style, Niche Construction, and the Origins of Domestication. pp.356-370
Peter Bleed & Akira Matsui

Evolutionary Ecology, Resource Depression, and Niche Construction Theory: Applications to Central California Hunter-Gatherers and Mimbres-Mogollon Agriculturalists pp.371-421
Jack M. Broughton, Michael D. Cannon & Eric J. Bartelink


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