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O tempo dos Diadocos - Simposio Internacional

The Time of the Diadochi (323-281 BC)

V Internacional Simposium, UDC, 9-11 Setempter 2010
Thursday 9 September (rectorado)

9:30 Welcome Addresses & Inauguration

9:30 -10:15 Brian Boswoth presiding

Key note Speaker

10:15 -11:15 Victor Alonso Troncoso, presiding

John Walsh (University of Calgary): Continuity in a Time of Chaos

Frances Pownall (University of Alberta): Duris of Samos and the Diadochi

11:15 – 11:45 Coffee Break

11:45 – 13:15 Edward Anson presiding

Tom Boiy (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven: Diadoch History in Cuneiform Documentation

Brian Bosworth (Macquarie University, Sydney): Strabo and the Diadochi

Antonio Guzmán Guerra (Universidad Complutense de Madrid):
Peripheral People´s Utopies: A Review of Onesicritus Fragment 24th (FGrHist)
13:15 – 16 Lunch

16-18 Marek Olbrycht presiding

Joseph Roisman (Colby College, Waterville, ME): Eumenes of Cardia and Crateus: Enemies and Friends

Edward Anson (University of Arkansas at Little Rock): The Battle of Gabene: Eumenes´Inescapable Doom?

Franca Landucci (Università Cattolica di Milano): Seleucus vs Antigonus: Fighting to Death

Elizabeth Baynham (University of Newcastle): The Argyraspids: Tough Old Fighters, or Antigonid Myth?

18 - 18:30 Coffee Break

18:30 – 20 Frances Pownall presiding

Shane Wallace (University of Edinburgh): Between City, League, and King:
Adeimantos of Lampsakos and the Development of the Hellenistic Philos

Brian Sheridan (University of Ireland): How to win friends and influence People:
An Examination of the Mayor and Minor Figures of Diodorus´18 Book

Victor Alonso Troncoso (UDC): The Diadochi and the Zoology of Kingship

Friday 10 September (Escuela Superior de Náutica)

9:30 – 11 Antonio Gúzman Guerra presiding

Elisabettt Poddighe (Università di Cagliari): Ideology, Vocabulary and Forms of Political
 Communication between the Macedonian Rulers and the Greek Cities:
The Diagramma issued by Polyperchon to recall the Exiles and the return the Peace of Greek Cities (319 BC)

Paschalis Paschidis (KERA, Athens): Agora XVI 107 and the Role of the Greek Poleis
in the Assumption of the Royal Title by the Diadochi

Giuseppe Squillace (Universià della Calabria): Alexander the Great, Ptolemy I
and the Offering of Arms to Athena Lindia

11 – 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 -13 Joseph Roisman presiding
Daniel Ogden (University of Exeter): The Ptolemaic Adoption of Agathos Daimon

Sabine Müller (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel): The Developtment of the Female Element
 in the Political Self-Fashioning of the Diadochs

Timothy Howe (St Olaf College, Northfield, MN): Constructing Alexander.
The Diadochi, Invented Tradition, and Alexander´s Expedition to Siwah

13 -16 Lunch

16 – 17 Tom Boisy presiding

Marek Olbrycht (Univesytet Rzeszowski): Iranians in the Diadochi Period: Political, Military, and Cultural Factors

Luis Ballesteros Pastor (Universidad de Sevilla): Nullis umquam nisi domesticis regibus paruisse.
Cappadocia, Pontus and the Resistance to the Diadochi in Asia Minor

17 -17: 15 Break

17:15 – 19 Waldemar Heckel presiding
Alexander Meeus (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven): What we do not know about the Age of the Successors

L. Ballesteros Pastor, E. Baynham, F. Landucci Gattinoni, D. Ogden: Discussion and General Conclusions

Victor Alonso Troncoso: Closing Words

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