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Novidades - Anthropological Theory

Anthropological Theory nº 10/3, Septembro 2010

-Un/knowing and the practice of ethnography: A reflection on some Western cosmo-ontological notions and  their anthropological application
  Jadran Mimica
  pp 203-228

- Cultural models and the dream: US Cinderellas and identity 
  Jeannette Mageo
  pp 229-246

-Of words and fog: Linguistic relativity and Amerindian ontology
  Magnus Course
  pp 247-263

-‘Heart of Darkness’: Current images of the DRC and their theoretical underpinning
 Patience Kabamba
pp 265-301 

-‘You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last’: Reflections on moral change in contemporary rural Ireland
 China Scherz
  pp 303-318 

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