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Oxford Journal of Archaeology Vol. 34/1

Oxford Journal of Archaeology
Vol. 34/1, 2015


Revisiting Old Friends: The Production, Distribution and Use of Peterborough Ware in Britain  pp. 1–31
Vincent Ard &Timothy Darvill

An Absolute Chronological Framework for the Central-Eastern European Eneolithic  pp. 33–43
Maciej Mateusz Wencel

Telling Stories: The Mycenaean Origins of the Philistines  pp. 45–65
Guy D. Middleton

Iron Age Saunas of Northern Portugal: State of the Art and Research Perspectives  pp.67–95
Marco V. García Quintela & Manuel Santos-Estévez

Exponential Decline in the Dispersal of Stone Artefacts in Roman Britain: Further Expressions of Trade  pp. 97–108
J.R.L. Allen

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