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Religion, Brain & Behavior 3/2

Religion, Brain & Behavior
Vol. 3/2, 2013


On the Naturalness of Religion pp. 89-90
Richard Sosis, Wesley J. Wildman & Patrick McNamara


Effects of religious setting on cooperative behavior: a case study from Mauritius pp. 91-102
Dimitris Xygalatas

Emotion in mystical experience pp. 103-118
David T. Bradford

Book Symposium:  Robert McCauley's Why Religion is Natural 
and Science is Not

Unnatural comparisons: commentary on Robert McCauley's Why Religion is Natural and Science is Not pp. 119-125
Francisca Cho

The fragility of science: creating dialectical space for the naturalness of religiosity in the cognitive science of culture pp. 125-128
William (Lee) W. McCorkle Jr.

The place of evolved cognition in scientific thinking pp. 128-134
Hugo Mercier & Christophe Heintz

How science is better understood than religion pp. 134-141
Robert Cummings Neville

McCauley, the maturational natural, and the current limits 
of the cognitive science of religion 
 pp. 141-151
Gregory R. Peterson

Science is unnatural in more ways than one pp. 151-155
Jason Slone

Natural reasoning, truth and function pp. 155-161
Konrad Talmont-Kaminski

What is natural and unnatural about religion and science? 
 pp 161-164
Dimitris Xygalatas


Why science is exceptional and religion is not: A response to commentators on Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not 
 pp. 165-182
Robert N. McCauley

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