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Religião, Cerebro e Comportamento - Nova revista

Religion, Brain & Behavior

Volume 1/1, 2011
ISSN: 2153-5981


Announcing a new journal: Religion, Brain & Behavior
Patrick McNamara, Richard Sosis & Wesley J. Wildman
pages 1-4

Original Articles

Afterlife beliefs: category specificity and sensitivity 
to biological priming
Judith Bek & Suzanne Lock
pages 5-17

Spontaneous processing of functional and non-functional action sequences
Kristoffer L. Nielbo & Jesper Sørensen
pages 18-30

Tyvan cher eezi and the socioecological constraints of
 supernatural agents' minds
Benjamin Grant Purzycki
pages 31-45

Target Article

Evolutionary accounts of belief in supernatural punishment: 
a critical review
Jeffrey P. Schloss & Michael J. Murray
pages 46-99

Affording cooperative populations
Joseph Bulbulia & Marcus Frean
pages 66-70

Broadening the critical perspective on supernatural 
punishment theories
Emma Cohen
pages 70-72

Stratification and supernatural punishment: 
cooperation or obedience?
Rolando de Aguiar & Lee Cronk
pages 73-75

Supernatural punishment: what traits are being selected?
Helen De Cruz & Johan De Smedt
pages 75-77

Why God is the best punisher
Dominic Johnson
pages 77-84

Disbelief in the gods and the “cooperation enhancement” 
account of supernatural punishment theory
Ryan Nichols
pages 85-87

Imagine there is no religion
Ilkka Pyysiäinen
pages 87-89

Big gods were made for big groups
Azim F. Shariff
pages 89-93


How might evolution lead to hell?
Jeffrey P. Schloss & Michael J. Murray
pages 93-99

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